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Why We Do It

At Fairhaven Circle, we believe in mission-driven interior design. We create our products with an eye towards cultural preservation, harnessing the power of social entrepreneurship to sustain dying Indian textile traditions that the world cannot afford to lose.

We believe that the textile traditions we explore are not mere handicrafts. Rather, they represent art at its finest. We celebrate our artisans as the true artists they are and restore dignity to those who have spent generations honing their craft.

Fairhaven Circle broadens the market for luxury Indian textiles by offering products rivaling those from the finest design labels at a fraction of the price, all while imbuing generations of culture and craftsmanship into each product. Ultimately, we offer good design at competitive prices while being stewards of good citizenship.

Instead of seasonal releases, we carefully curate cohesive, limited quantity collections that you can mix and match with confidence. New collections will drop as they are ready.

Fairhaven Circle is our way of sharing with you the rich heritage we have spent our lifetimes absorbing. Our products harken back to a time when India’s prominence in textile manufacturing was unmatched, when heirloom quality products were celebrated. We strive to make that level of luxury more accessible, bringing you that same quality at a fraction of the price.